Personal Account

Open a Diaspora Personal Account for a convenient and affordable way to manage your finances while abroad. You may carry out transactions and remittances without any hustle.

Reasons why you should open a Diaspora Personal Account

  1. No minimum balance is required to open or operate the account
  2. You get free monthly E-statements
  3. No monthly account maintenance fee is needed
  4. There’s no limit on the frequency of withdrawals
  5. You will have access to a Visa Debit Card
  6. You will have access to internet banking and mobile banking

Standing Order Services

To put up/amend/cancel standing order instructions write an email to

  • What You Require to Open This Account

    In order to open this account, ensure you have the following documents:

    • Copy of your Passport (Bio data pages)
    • A copy of your Uganda National ID
    • A colored passport photo taken not more than 3 months ago
    • Address verification document e.g. a Utility Bill, House Lease Agreement, Resident ID or a driving Permit indicating your address
    • An Email Indemnity form, notarized by a notary public or notary lawyer
    • A completed copy of the relevant Key Facts Document (USD, GBP, EUR, UGX)
    • FATCA W-9 and confidentiality waiver forms for US clients


    Application Forms

    Sign up Process

    1. Download the Application Form, the relevant Key Facts Document (USD, GBP, EUR, UGX) and Email Indemnity Form and complete all
    2. Collect all the documents listed in requirements above
    3. Zip all attachments in (1 and 2 above) together into a single zip file.
    4. Go to “Apply for an Account” Section on the site
    5. Fill it out and attach the single zip file
    6. Click the Submit button to send your online account application to
    7. For any further clarification, fill the form below and we will get back to you.

We would like to call you back regarding this product.

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