Save Plus Account

Enjoy this easy and convenient way to manage your finances. You can regularly save small fixed amounts and build a lump sum towards your future goals.

5 great features of the Equity Save Plus Account

  1. Customer Commits to an agreed monthly contribution
  2. Minimum period is 12 months
  3. There’s no account maintenance fees
  4. Withdrawal with one month's notice attract surcharge of 1% and withdrawal without notice a surcharge of 5%
  5. It has attractive interest rates on monthly balances.

5 reasons to open an Equity Save Plus Account

  1. There are no ledger fees
  2. You have access to loans of up to 90% of accumulated savings
  3. Manageable monthly contributions
  4. Get free balance inquiries
  5. You will earn attractive Interests

    What is required

    • Original and copy of identification documents (National ID / Passport and proof of residence)

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