Pension Account

This account is designed for senior citizens that have served in public and private sectors and are now retired. If you’re a retired senior citizen who has served in Public or Private sectors, this account is designed for you to help you manage and grow your retirement funds.

4 Great Features of the Equity Pensioner’s Account

  1. There’s no initial deposit
  2. There’s no minimum balance
  3. ATM card is issued on application
  4. Interest is paid on balances above UGX 100,000/= and computed monthly

5 Reasons why you should open an Equity Pensioner’s Account

  1. You can borrow against your pension
  2. There’s no minimum account operating balance
  3. There are no ledger fees
  4. You’re allowed unlimited withdrawals and deposits
  5. ATM card is issued on application

    What is required to sign up

    • Original and copy of identification documents (National ID / Passport and proof of residence)

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