Social Institutional Account

This account allows institutions dealing in non-profitable ventures such as churches, public schools and self-help groups to manage their funds efficiently.

4 Great Features of the Social Institutions Account

  1. Opening balance is UGX 100,000/=
  2. No minimum operating balance
  3. No maintenance fees
  4. No deposit charge

5 Reasons Why You Should Open a Social Institutions Account

  1. There are no ledger fees
  2. You get 1 free statement per quarter
  3. You will earn attractive interest rates
  4. Get access to Corporate Internet banking
  5. Get access to a loan facility as an Institution
  • What You Require to Open This Account

    • Letter of Introduction/Employer reference letter, Equity Account holder, to open the account
    • Copy of a Valid ID (Driver’s license, Passport, Voters card, CRB card)

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