Investment Club Account

This account allows your club members to manage your group activities. It helps joint account holders to monitor and keep track of group transactions, thus being a solution for transparency and accountability.

8 Great Features of the Investment Club Account

  1. Account opening is free
  2. No account operating balance
  3. No ledger fees or monthly charges
  4. No limit on the frequency of withdrawal
  5. Free 25 leaf Cheque book upon account opening (Current Account)
  6. Free online statements
  7. Equity Ordinary account available for individual members
  8. Free Financial Literacy training

7 Reasons Why you Should Open an Investment Club Account

  1. It’s a good avenue to pool resources
  2. It’s easy and economical to save and maintain
  3. There’s networking among clubs
  4. The bank will help bring your investment dream closer
  5. There’s free Financial Literacy training
  6. You will be assigned a dedicated Investment club Relationship officer who will be responsible for account management
  7. Competitive Interest will be paid on savings held
  • What is Required to Sign Up

    • Minutes from club members showing resolution to open the account signed by the chairman
    • A resolution with an account signing mandate
    • A copy of the investment club Constitution
    • Original identification document (National ID / Passport and proof of residence)

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