School Fees Collection Account

We have partnered with various higher learning institutions across the country to ease the process of paying tuition, and thus allowing you to access your education more easily.


Remittance Processing

Process your salary, pension or remittances such as agricultural proceeds through Equity bank accounts at an affordable cost.

Cheque clearing

This is a free service offered at Equity Bank, a member of the clearing house at Central Bank of Rwanda.

Bankers cheque

A banker’s cheque or draft is one that the bank draws itself for both customers and non-customers.

Standing Order

You may instruct the bank to debit your account with a certain amount of money periodically and credit another account with this money.

  • Here’s A List of All the Institutions That Have Partnered with Equity Bank

    Account Name
    Account Name
    University of Kigali 4012200365857
    Creche Et Maternelles Les Poussins 4012211253102
    LA Colombiere 4002200397611
    Mount Kenya University (MKU)  4002200201113
    Adventist University of Central Africa (AUC 4003211197369
     INES  4007211232378
    INILAK 4002211252183
    ULK/Kigali Campu  4012211287137
    Akilah University 4003211287096

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