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Online Forex trading at your convenience!

EazzyFX is a platform that gives you the freedom to trade in real-time while enjoying security and convenience. Sign up for EazzyFX and enjoy 

  • Best deals and competitive market price
  • Real-time streaming


EazzyFX is a Corporate and SME Electronic trading platform that offers you automated FX prices.
Single-click dealing on streaming rates Request for quotes (RFQ) for any FX trade amount Place multiple trade orders. Access a full trade workflow Execute in real time

You can access EazzyFX on the following links subject to your internet capability:-!/login#%2Fmain.

Yes. To register, place an inquiry through our mobile 0768985513/14/66.

Our team will contact you withink 24 hours and pay you a visit for set-up account

No you don't. All you require is internet connection.

To access via , you will require Microsoft internet Explorer 8+ browser and Java 8.

To access via, you can launch the EazzyFX application on any browser.

To log on to EazzyFX, you require a USER ID and a unique log in password (refereed to as 'access codes'). This will be provided through a secured authorised Equity Bank email address.

You will be required to change the password during the first log in.

In case of five unsuccessful attempts to log in or transact on EazzyFX platform, the login/transaction access codes will be disabled to prevent unauthorised access.

Additionally, when you re logged on to EazzyFX but have not used the application for 10 minutes, the system automatically logs you out. This prevents unauthorised access to your account, should you have left your computer unattended, without having logged out of EazzyFX.

There are no charges for registering for EazzyFX.

Yes. Your account and transaction information are secure.

Equity Bank Tanzania constantly monitors and upgrades its technology to ensure that your accounts are completely secure.

EazzyFX platform is designed to resist attack through a combination of robust security practices and baseline security standards.

    Account Related Questions 

    Your primary account is the default account used for your FX transactions.

    You can select and set any of your operative accounts as the primary account. This should also be specified from the onset on the dealing mandate.

    Yes you can. Click on the blotters page on EazzyFX>select XML (Excel)/ HTML> then save on your computer.

    You will be able to view your account transaction history of upto 1-year on your EazzyFX account.

    Kindly go to EazzyFX blotters page to access a history of your activities.

    If you're account does not reflect on EaazyFX, please call us on 0768985513/14/66 for support.

    For enquiries or more information please call 0768985513/14/66.


    Login to EazzyFX here: OR Call: 0768985513/14/66.

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