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How To Become An Equity Agent

  • Financial Stability
  • Having an entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Be a person with good reputation and high moral standing
  • Your business premise must be in a very strategic business location
  • Reach and catchment  place of business
  • Business experience of at least  18months and above that can be proven through the business license
  • Diverse product offering at their premises

Requirements To Become An Agent

  • Description of the business commercial activity for the last 18 months
  • KYC documents for the business and the owners of the business e.g National IDs,
  • Registration certificate of the business
  • Valid business license or permit
  • Physical location, postal address, Tel. number and working hours of the business entity
  • Evidence of the availability of funds to support agency banking
  • Photos of the owners of the Business
  • Photos of the exterior and interior views of the business
  • Sketch map of the business and business owners

Benefits Of Being An Agent

  • Automatic Reconciliation

The bank will provide reconciliation of your accounts through bank statements. Since transactions will be done online, we advise you to observe your accounts on a daily basis

  • Growth in Customers’ Base

You will attract new customers to your establishment since you will become a one stop shop

  • Optimize cash management

You will be more efficient in your management of money

  • Enhance your Brand strength

Benefit from the strength of the Equity Brand

How To Become A Merchant

  • Own a legal registered business
  • Apply in any Equity Bank branch

Requirements To Become A Merchant

  • Bank Statement/Financial Report/Annual Return(s) – where applicable
  • Board Resolutions (where signatories are not the directors/shareholders)
  • Valid National ID/Passport copy
  • Updated Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • TIN Certificate and VAT Certificate
  • Partnership Deed (where applicable)
  • Abstract from Registrar
  • Certificate of Incorporation/Registration or Municipal License
  • Merchant agreement (provided by Bank)

Benefits Of Being A Merchant

  • Boost sales (moving your business from a cash only operation to one that accepts credit and debit cards results in increasing potential customer base)
  • Helps level the playing field with your competition
  • Cards encourage buying in general ( studies show that customers tend to spend more when paying by plastic instead of cash)
  • Convenient to shoppers
  • Eliminates the risk of fake notes, change issuing, Cash In Transit costs

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