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Small World Financial Services is a provider of payment services with a clear vision to be our customer’s favourite choice for their global payment needs. We are focused on making a big world small. Put simply, the more people we can help reach family, friends and businesses overseas with money, the smaller the world will become. We put our customers at the heart of everything we do, reflecting their diversity in our teams, and empower our teams to deliver the best value and service through our branded global network and digital solutions. Our network of over 250,000 pick up locations, and our global team of 800 people are collectively on a journey to make a big world small for the 15 million, and counting, worldwide transactions that customers make each year.

Reasons to be part of our Small World

  • Secure - We’re a regulated financial services company handling more than 1 million transactions a month
  • Fast - Instant or same day service to over 90 countries worldwide.
  • Trusted - Over 15 million customers worldwide trust us with their global money transfer needs 

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