Diaspora Business Account

Are you a business owner in the Diaspora? The Diaspora Business account is tailor made for you. This account allows you to effortlessly manage your business finances while overseas.

7 Great Features of the Diaspora Business Account.

  1. No minimum balance is required to open or operate the account
  2. You get free monthly E-statements
  3. No monthly account maintenance fee is needed
  4. There’s no limit on the frequency of withdrawals
  5. You get a cheque book on request
  6. You will have access to Visa Debit Card
  7. You will have access to internet and mobile banking
  • What You Require to Open this Account.

    In order to open this account, ensure you have the following documents, which should be notarized by a lawyer or notary public:

    1. Copies of valid National ID’s/Pass ports of the directors and colored passport photos
    2. Directors Tin certificates
    3. Certificate of incorporation
    4. Memorandum of understanding
    5. Articles of association
    6. Resolution signed by the directors on the business letter head and sealed
    7. Business Tin certificate
    8. Business registration certificate
    9. Resolution to open an account

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