Great features

  1. Interest is at a flat rate of 18%
  2. LACE is at 2%

What you require to sign up

  1. You should be an account holder with Equity Bank for at least 3 months
  2. You should have a registered business
  3. You should have a permanent business location
  4. Have acceptable securities
  5. Show proof of reliable cash flows

Why you should sign up for this product

  1. The loan is set at a minimum of TSh 100,000 and a maximum of TSh 50,000,000
  2. Flexible security requirements e.g. chattels, log books, shares, or cash cover, debentures, title deeds, guarantors, etc are accepted
  3. Maximum repayment period is up to 3 years
  4. Repayments are negotiated to match the seasonality of proceeds.
  5. Credit Insurance is included

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You will take home

Installments (p.m)

LACE (6%)

Insurance (0.625%)

Total Interest

Total Loan

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Equity Bank is Regulated by Bank of Tanzania (BOT)