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What you require to sign up

  1. Be an active account holder with Equity Bank.
  2. Demonstrate ability to repay the loan.
  3. You should already be in commercial farming with one year experience or one successful production cycle.
  4. You need to clearly demonstrate the existence of other sources of income that could be used in repayment of the loan in case of crop failure, loss of harvest and/or poor marketing due to adverse weather and/or any other factors.
  5. Provide documentary evidence of ownership of farm to be used for production or a valid lease agreement covering at least two future production cycles.
  6. The farming project to be financed must be within a radius of 50km from the Bank branch and easily accessible to the Bank officials.
  7. You should be able and willing to provide conventional security to cover the loan.


Why you should sign up for this product

  1. With this loan you may finance bulk purchase of farm inputs such as certified seeds, fertilizers and chemicals.
  2. This loan can be used to pay for lease or for purchase of additional agricultural land, sinking of bore holes, buying of hybrid livestock, construction of biogas plants and farm houses, and to support any other agribusiness or social development

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