Treasury Bonds

Treasury Bonds are mid to long term debt obligations issued by the Government for purchase by Investors. They offer periodic fixed return.



  • Offers secure investment as it is issued by the Government of Kenya
  • Offers liquidity. In the case where an investor requires part/ whole of their capital investment, they can sell the bond to other investors.
  • Guaranteed earnings. The interest rates earned on an annual basis are market determined and paid out semi-annually making them a fixed source of income for investors.


  • Bonds provide a higher return than term deposits for a similar tenor.
  • Bonds pay out regular Coupon (Interest) income to Investors by the terms of the bond contract.
  • The price of the Bond can appreciate above the initial purchase price and allow investors to enjoy Capital gains.
  • Investors can access a loan facility and use the Bond as collateral.


    • Kenyan ID/Passport for the Directors, passport size photos and K.R.A pins for Directors and Company.
    • Certificate of Incorporation/Registration
    • Board Resolution
    • A fully executed Investment Agreement document.

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