Buy and sell shares with Equity Bank. This service enables an individual or corporate client to trade in shares listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange directly through Equity Bank at no cost. With this service comes several benefits, notably, prompt trade settlements and added security of their holdings.


  • Ownership rights: when you buy a share, you buy a piece of a company, becoming part owner.
  • You get voting rights to the company.
  • You get to enjoy profits made by the company in form of dividends.


  • Income earnings when companies pay out dividends to its shareholders.
  • Investment appreciation: when a share value is worth more than what the Investor bought it for (capital gains).
  • This is a savings tool when held for long term.


    • Be an Equity Bank Account holder.
    • A copy of your Kenyan ID/passport, a passport size photo and your KRA PIN.
    • A fully executed and signed CDS 1 Form.

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