Investment Account

CDSC Account

The CDSC Account is an electronic account that holds your shares and manages the process of transferring shares that are traded in the NSE (Nairobi Securities Exchange).

You may open a CDSC Account through a stockbroker, Investment Bank or Custodian (Equity Bank) authorized by Central Depository and Settlement Corporation, the entity that facilitates holding of shares in electronic accounts opened by shareholders.

C.B.K CDS Account.

This is an electronic account managed by the Central Bank of Kenya that holds an investor’s Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds and manages the purchase and sale of the securities.


  • It allows immediate transfer of shares upon purchase or sale.
  • There is no paperwork involved during the transfer of shares from a buyer to a seller.
  • Account automation eliminates risks of forgery, damage to the document, clerical errors etc.
  • An investor’s shares are held in one account making it easy for management.
  • The investor receives an electronic statement of his/her account holdings.


  • The account is for trading in treasury bills and treasury bonds only.
  • The account is opened by the Central Bank of Kenya on behalf of investors.
  • The investor receives an electronic statement of his/her CDS account holdings.

Why you should open this account

  • This account enables the consolidation of your assets.
  • With this account, you get to enjoy professional expertise available from Equity Bank.
  • With this account, you are assured of security for your investments.
  • We ensure timely collection of dividends, interest, bonuses and rights for your investments.
  • Regular investment reports will be made available to you.
  • You are provided the chance to diversify your investment portfolio efficiently and affordably.
  • Get to enjoy fast, efficient and all-round friendly service.
  • We provide a smooth succession avenue for your investments.
  • Service for account holders is available in all our branches countrywide.
  • No ledger fees.
  • Customers can access the account from any of the countries Equity Bank Operates in.
  • 24hour support through 0763063000 and/or
  • Instant Mastercard or Visa Card issued on application
  • Online banking and mobile banking opt-in option
  • No maintenance fees.


    • An Equity Bank Account.
    • A copy of your Kenyan ID/Passport, a passport size photo and your KRA PIN.
    • A fully executed and signed CDS 1 form.
    • Registered Business- see account opening requirements for different entities.

    Sign up Process

    • Visit any of Equity Bank branches to fill CDSC forms, share purchase or sell, fill the form and the bank will facilitate the transactions for you.
    • For any further clarification, fill the form below and we will get back to you.

    Complaints Handling Process

    • Lodge complaint at any of our branches, via call center, or feedback link TALK TO US. We will record your feedback and issue you with a reference number.
    • We will acknowledge your feedback within 48hours.
    • If we cannot resolve the complaint immediately, we will advise on the next cause of action and when to expect feedback from us.
    • We will endeavour to resolve the complaint within 7 working days. However, should we require more time to it, we will keep you updated with progress every 7 days until the complaint is resolved.
    • Should the resolution not meet your satisfaction, feel free to get back to us with your concerns and we will review the issue and resolution and revert back to you.

    Rights and Obligations

    • T & Cs are available on CDSC website and on the respective forms.

We would like to call you back regarding this product.

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