Achievers Student Account

Achievers Students Account is an affordable and convenient account that offers financial literacy to students.

Ideal for: Students in all tertiary institutions of learning aged Tertiary institution students 18-24 yrs of age

Key Features of the Achievers Student Account

  • Sign up all students on Eazzy 24/7
  • No opening balance
  • No account maintaining balance
  • No ledger fees
  • No cash deposit charges over the counter; agent rates apply
  • No limitation on the withdrawal amount
  • Free incoming funds transfer
  • Free internal funds transfer within the same scheme code
  • Free Eazzy 24/7 funds transfer within the same scheme code
  • Account transformed into Equity ordinary account when the holder turns 25 years. Account holder to be notified via email/sms on changes to the account

Why You Should Open This Account

  • Free internal/incoming funds transfer
  • Mobile banking Accessible from anywhere at the comfort of your phone
  • E - birthday card
  • E - transaction alert as proof of transaction
  • 50% Discounted on the student payment card
  • A student account website, blogs and social networks sites


  • Free incoming funds transfers
  • Free internal funds transfer within the same scheme code
  • Free Eazzy 24/7 funds transfer within the same scheme code
  • Student Payment card at Ksh 300/=
  • All other charges the same as Equity Ordinary Account

    What You Require to Open an Achievers Student Account

    • Original Student ID/ college letter of admission
    • National ID and photocopy
    • Passport for non-Kenyan students -student pass and alien id

    Sign up Process

    1. Visit your nearest Equity bank branch
    2. Present the required documents and fill out the application form
    3. The bank will then process your application and you can start banking with us.
    4. For any further clarification, fill the form below and we will get back to you.

    Rights and Obligations

    • T & Cs of products are available on website and as part of account opening form.
    • Data privacy policy included in customer onboarding and account opening forms

    Potential Risks

    • To safeguard funds in your account, do not share your PINs with anyone. 
    • When making payments using your card, be sure the card stays in your sight.  If you lose your card, communicate to the bank to block it.
    • If you suspect any of your PINs is known by others, please change it immediately.

    Transaction Process

    • Cash transaction on account happens on a real-time basis.

    Complaint Handling Process

    • Lodge complaint at any of our branches, via call center, or feedback link TALK TO US. We will record your feedback and issue you with a reference number.
    • We will acknowledge your feedback within 48hours.
    • If we cannot resolve the complaint immediately, we will advise on the next cause of action and when to expect feedback from us.
    • We will endeavour to resolve the complaint within 7 working days. However, should we require more time to it, we will keep you updated with progress every 7 days until the complaint is resolved.
    • Should the resolution not meet your satisfaction, feel free to get back to us with your concerns and we will review the issue and resolution and revert back to you.

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