Equity PrePaid Card

You may opt for the Equity PrePaid Card, a card system which has integrated monetary value as opposed to linking to an external account. It’s a convenient method to pay for bus fare and other products and services.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get an Equity PrePaid Card


  1. You need not be an Equity Bank account holder to get a PrePaid Card.
  2. Being cashless, it’s a safe way to transact.
  3. Affordable- the card cost Kshs 300 Only

    What You Require to Sign Up for an Equity Prepaid Card

    • To be eligible for an Equity PrePaid Card you only need to present a copy of your original ID or Passport and a filled out Equity PrePaid card registration form.

    3 simple ways to top up your Equity PrePaid Card

    1. You may top up your Equity PrePaid Card through Eazzy 247. (This service is only available to Equity Bank Account holders.)
    2. You may use your SIM lines (Equitel or Mpesa) to top up your Equity PrePaid Card.
    3. You may visit any Equity Bank Agent to top up your Equity PrePaid Card.
  • What You Require to Get Equity PrePaid Card

    To get a Equity PrePaid Card simply open an Equity Bank Account and get one instantly.

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