Equity Visa Classic

The Classic Card is designed for the middle-income earner, so that he can access credit when he needs it.


  1. Instead of having to sign a sales slip, your PIN verifies your transaction.
  2. There’s worldwide acceptability of Visa Brand, meaning you can access your funds at all VISA branded outlets.
  3. You can pay for goods and services at supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, fuel stations, and other retail outlets at no charge.
  4. Your card allows you to withdraw cash from the ATMs.
  5. Every time you transact you will receive an SMS alert with details of the transaction as they happen.
  6. Enjoy revolving credit with a 45-day interest free period. You may pay as little as 20% of your outstanding balance every month or more.
  7. Enjoy convenient record keeping through itemized monthly statements which show your transaction details.
  8. With the Classic Card you get access to affordable life insurance for you and your family.


  1. The Classic Card is useful during emergencies
  2. The card is useful for purchasing big ticket items
  3. The card is suitable for corporate spend
  4. It gives you the freedom to travel without physical cash.
  5. It provides security while making big purchases, because you don’t have to have the money on you physically.
  6. The revolving credit feature puts a cap on the amount of credit you can use for that month.
  7. Your available credit is reduced by the amount you spend
  8. You may choose to pay off the total amount spent at the end of each month or spread the cost over time.
  9. You can keep a record of your spending through statements
  10. You will get to enjoy periodic discounts from selected shops
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