Equity Visa Gold

The Equity Gold Credit Card gives high income earners the freedom to enjoy higher spending limits and exclusive packages.


  1. The card’s chip and PIN feature means increased security while transacting. Your information will be stored in the chip while your PIN verifies your transaction.
  2. The card is acceptable worldwide at all Visa branded outlets.
  3. You will incur no transaction charges while paying for goods or services at merchant outlets.
  4. The Gold Card allows you to withdraw money from an ATM.
  5. Each time a transaction takes place, you will receive an SMS notification giving details of the transaction.
  6. The card operates on revolving credit with a 45-day interest free period, and an allowance to pay back each month 20% of the outstanding balance and above.
  7. We conveniently keep itemized monthly statements, giving you a breakdown of the transactions made and their corresponding times.
  8. The Gold Card gives you access to affordable life insurance for you and your family.


  1. It comes in handy during emergencies
  2. The card is useful for purchasing big ticket items
  3. It gives you the freedom to travel without physical cash.
  4. The card is useful for corporate spend.
  5. It provides security while making big purchases, because you don’t have to have the money on you physically.
  6. The revolving credit feature puts a cap on the amount of credit you can use for that month.
  7. You have the flexibility to pay off the total amount owed or spread it across a period of time.
  8. As you continue spending, the amount of credit available is reduced.
  9. Statements allow you to keep a record of your spending.
  10. You will get to enjoy occasional discounts from select outlets.
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