Pay with Equity

Pay with Equity (PWE) (previously known as EazzyPay) is the Bank’s mobile acquiring platform that enables mobile subscribers to pay for goods and services easily and conveniently to one merchant Till Number.

The interoperability feature of the PWE means that subscribers can pay from Equitel, Eazzybanking App, Pesalink, MPesa and Airtel Money. Settlements for PWE transactions are real-time and merchants are able to access these funds immediately thus offering more convenience to them. Merchants are not charged any commissions when they have the One Equity Till Number.

Benefits to Merchants

  1. No touching of Cash more so in this season where hygiene is important
  2. You can accept payments from customers from all mobile networks (Equitel, Eazzy Banking App, Airtel,Mpesa and Pesalink)
  3. You are not charged any commission as it is free to Collect payments
  4. When customers pay you it reflects instantly in your account i.e. Real Time Settlement.
  5. Collected money is available for immediate use
  6. Equity provides pre-qualified credit based on the merchant business volume
  7. Merchant can see the prequalified amount on our digital channels, and
  8. Instant set-up/onboarding
  9. It provides an audit trail and ease of reconciliation
  10. It is a neater display as you do not need many Till numbers stickers since it is interoperable

Benefits to Customers

  1. Customers can enjoy fast & cashless payments where they do not need to touch cash.
  2. Customers can enjoy the enjoy interoperability as they can pay from whichever mobile network they belong to i.e Mpesa/Airtel Money/Equitel and bank accounts
  3. Customers can enjoy the convenience of paying straight from their account hence no need to move money from their bank accounts to mobile wallets


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