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This is a comprehensive Cash and Liquidity Management Solution that is secure and robust enough to cater for the cash management requirements of Corporate and SME clients. It’s seamlessly integrated to give you a global view of your cash position and to enable you to make payments, manage your cash flow and balances across multiple currencies and locations.

EazzyBiz offers a great user experience, unified view of accounts and has information rendering capability through analytics and management dashboards.

For EazzyBiz Go To: https://eazzybiz.equitybankgroup.com/iportalweb/iportal/jsps/orbilogin.jsp/

8 Great EazzyBiz Features

  1. Payment processes are in real-time
  2. Processes are automated hence time saving
  3. You can carry out your transactions around the clock.
  4. The efficient collection mechanism leads to increased cash flow
  5. The widgets and dashboards are designed for easy use
  6. Automated reconciliation with specific customer details
  7. All transactions can be tracked and audited
  8. You can carry out credit arrangements based on receivable information
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