Social Institutions Account

This account allows institutions dealing in non-profitable ventures such as churches, public schools and self-help groups to manage their funds efficiently.

One Great Feature About This Account

Equitel has introduced an innovative “multiple approval” feature that eliminates the need for account signatories to physically meet to withdraw cash or co-sign cheques. The feature allows account holders to use their PINs as their account signatures. Through the “multiple approval” feature users first originate a request to withdraw cash on their Equitel menu. The request is then sent to other account signatories who in turn enter their individual PIN to approve the withdrawal request, making it easier for chamas and joint account holders to transact.

4 Reasons Why You Should Open This Account

  1. This account requires no operating balance.
  2. You will incur no charges while making withdrawals.
  3. This account gives you access to customized loans.
  4. This account has a multiple approval feature that ensures security of funds.
  • What you require to sign up

    1. School Registration Certificate from the ministry of education
    2. An introduction letter duly signed from by the Deputy County commissioner for education
    3. School Board of Governors resolution to open an account and signing mandate signed by
    4. Deputy County commissioner for education

    Sign up Process

    1. Visit your nearest Equity bank branch
    2. Present the required documents and fill out the application form
    3. The bank will then process your application and you can start banking with us.

We would like to call you back regarding this product.

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