Manage your Group, Joint or Chama account activities with ease. This platform allows you to keep financial records and carry out bank transactions while maintaining transparency in your group. To access the EazzyChama platform, the members only need a reliable internet connection and an internet enabled device.

4 Great Features of the EazzyChama Platform

  1. Any group member can monitor group activities through this account, such as deposits, withdrawals and fund transfers.
  2. A member is able to track his personal transactions in the account such as their monthly or lifetime contributions, penalties, group statement and other financial activities.
  3. The platform has a reminder management functionality that helps you easily keep track of tasks and activities.
  4. Because it is operated digitally, there is no need for paperwork, thus ensuring efficiency.


  • What You Require to Access EazzyChama

    To access EazzyChama, you only need an internet enabled device, such as a computer or mobile phone, and a strong internet connection. To link your Joint, Group or Chama account to EazzyChama visit https://eazzychama.co.ke and sign up today. 

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