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CDSC Account

The CDSC Account is an electronic account that holds your shares and manages the process of transferring shares that are traded in the N.S.E (Nairobi Securities Exchange). You may open a CDSC Account through a stockbroker, Investment Bank or Custodian (Equity Bank) authorized by Central Depository and Settlement Corporation, the entity that facilitates holding of shares in electronic accounts opened by shareholders.

C.B.K CDS Account.

C.B.K CDS Account This is an electronic account managed by the Central Bank of Kenya that holds an investors’ Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds and manages the purchase and sale of the securities.


  • It allows immediate transfer of shares upon purchase or sale.
  • There is no paperwork involved during the transfer of shares from a buyer to seller.
  • Account automation eliminates risks of forgery, damage to the document, clerical errors etc.
  • An investors shares are held in one account making it easy for management.
  • An investor can receive an electronic statement of his/her account holdings.


  • The account is for trading in treasury bills and treasury bonds only.
  • The account is opened by the Central Bank of Kenya on behalf of investors.
  • An investor can receive an electronic statement of his/her CDS account holdings.



    • An Equity Bank Account.
    • A copy of your Kenyan ID/passport, a passport size photo and your KRA PIN.
    • A fully executed and signed CDS 1 form.

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