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Great Features of the Equihealth Coverr
1. Shares It has a family shared limit of KSh 300,000
2. Affordability An affordable premium of KSh 15,000 per year for the principle member and five dependants and an additional KSh 1,500 for an extra dependant
3. Medical expenses The cover caters for daily bed limit, intensive care, theatre costs, nursing fee, surgeons, physicians fee, drugs, medicine, x-rays, diagnostic tests and procedures
4. Treatments Normal and CS delivery, including pregnancy related complications within the overall limit are covered up to KSh 30,000
5. Joining age The minimum joining age limit for dependants is one month.
6. Principal age limit The maximum joining age limit for the principal member is 70 Years.
7. Age limit cover The maximum age on cover is 75 years.
8. Cash benefits Hospital Cash Benefit (a stand-alone benefit) of KSh 500 per night from the 3rd night up to 60 nights of admission.
9. Expense Last expense benefit per family (a stand-alone benefit) of KSh 50,000.
10. Optical treatment Inpatient optical treatment is covered to full limit.
11. Dental Treament Inpatient dental treatment is covered in full limit
12. Diagnosed medical conditions The cover caters for the following newly diagnosed or pre-existing health conditions to a limit of KSh 150,000.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Equity Bancassurance Intermediary Limited?

    This is a wholly owned subsidiary of Equity Bank Limited offering bancassurance products and services to the public

  • What are some of the products offered by Equity Bancassurance Intermediary Limited?

    Micro Insurance 

    • A product that provides all risks cover to Chattels and business stocks

    Medical Insurance

    • We have two off the shelf flagship products namely Equihealth and Equimed.
    • We also tailor make corporate medical covers
    • We also offer medical scheme administration. 

    Motor Insurance

    • A wide range of product offering which includes, motor cycle, motor private, motor commercial and institutional buses.

    General non motor insurance

    • This includes Fire and perils, Burglary, All risks, Fidelity Guarantee, Political Violence and Terrorism, Money Insurance, Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA), Group Personal Accident, Marine, Public Liability, Travel Insurance among others.

    Agriculture insurance

    • We offer livestock insurance and Crop insurance against the insured perils.

    Credit life assurance

    • This policy pays off the outstanding loan amount in the event of unfortunate Death or Permanent Total Disability (PTD) of a borrower.

  • What is the process of signing up for you insurance products and services?

    You may obtain insurance products and services from your nearest Equity Bank branch where you will be assisted by our bancassurance officer. The bancassurance  officer will assist you fill a proposal form and after which he/she will advise you on the various payment modes available from which you will choose the one that suits you best and you get covered immediately.

  • In the event of a claim, how do I get compensated?

    Immediately report to your bancassurance officer or to your nearest Equity Bank branch. Our bancassurance officer will assist you fill a claim form and give you a step by step advice on the claim process and also the time it will take to settle the claim.

  • Where can you access insurance services ?

    You may obtain insurance products and services from your nearest Equity Bank branch.

  • What should I have when going to buy a motor insurance cover at my Equity Bank branch?

    When coming to buy motor insurance, kindly carry your driving licence and a copy of the logbook  

  • What happens if I cannot raise the premium for the motor insurance at once?

    In this case we have a flexible payment arrangement that can be obtain from your Equity bank branch  

  • Can I access medical care as soon as I’m on cover?

    Yes, you can access care as long as there are not any waiting periods applied on the sub-benefit.

  • If cancer is diagnosed and I’m on Core level plan are the outpatient appointments covered

    From the date an insured person is diagnosed as suffering from cancer, whether it is in its acute, or chronic or terminal stage, all and any treatment received thereafter on an in-patient, day-care or out-patient basis involving: consultations, diagnostic tests, scans, investigations, prescribed drugs and dressings, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, stem cell transplants (from either bone marrow or blood), cold cap therapies, routine management and palliative treatments; will be assessed and paid for under this item. Eligible costs incurred up to the point of diagnosis are not paid under this item of your policy.

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