Great features

  1. It has a flexible repayment period of up to 36 months.
  2. We offer up to 100% financing.
  3. Enjoy fast loan processing.
  4. The facility is flexible with collateral requirements.

What you require to sign up

  1. To qualify for this loan, you need to have an individual or group account with Equity Bank.
  2. Your Equity Bank account must have been operational for at least 3 months.

Additionally Why you should sign up for this product

  1. For maximum benefit to our customers, Equity Bank has identified qualified service providers and suppliers of water products in different regions where customers can obtain high quality products and services.
  2. Customers are however free to obtain such services and products from dealers of their choice.
  3. This facility has flexible loan repayment terms.

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LACE (6%)

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