Great features

  • Get your loan through your mobile device
  • Loans are available for 12 easy monthly Instalments
  • The loans are only available for pre-approved products and paid directly to select Equity merchants/agents with Pay with Equity Tills.
  • You can check your loan limit straight on your mobile phone

What you require to sign up

  • To qualify for this loan you must have an active Equity bank account.
  • An active Equitel Line or Equity Mobile If you do not have an account, open one up instantly by simply dialing *247# using your current number, then collect your Equitel line/sign up for equity mobile app from your nearest Equity branch.

Why you should sign up for this product

  • You receive the loan instantly, saving you valuable time.
  • It offers a flexible repayment period of up to 12 months.
  • This loan facility is safe and secure.

Getting Started with Maji Loan

To access Maji Loan from your Equitel line:

  • Select Equitel STK menu
  • Select My money
  • Select Eazzy loan
  • Select Get Loan
  • Choose Account
  • Select other Loans
  • Enter PIN
  • Select Eazzy Maji
  • Enter Merchant Code 
  • Enter Amount to apply
  • Enter repayment period
  • Get confirmation message
  • Merchant calls to schedule Tank delivery to home

To access Maji Loan from Equity Mobile/Eazzy banking App;

  • Login to Eazzy Banking App
  • Select request loan
  • Choose account   
  • Select Water tanks
  • Enter Loan amount and period      
  • Enter Merchant till number
  • Confirm loan details & Accept T & Cs                   
  • You will receive an SMS confirmation

We would like to call you back regarding this product.

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