Great features

  1. The loan amount is based on the customer’s ability to pay.
  2. The loan period is up to 120 months (10 years).
  3. Financing Margin – up to 100% financing.

What you require to sign up

  1. Three original latest pay slips
  2. 2 Copies of the ID & Pin certificate.
  3. An introduction/Appointment/Confirmation letter from the employer.
  4. Duly signed authorization forms.
  5. Dully completed loan application and appraisal form
  6. Sale agreement
  7. Valuation report
  8. Title deed

Additionally Why you should sign up for this product

  1. Equity must have an existing MOU with the customer’s employer.
  2. Salary is not a prerequisite for some employers.
  3. Must have the ability to pay.
  4. Ability to effect loan deductions on check-off.
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Equity Bank is Regulated by Central Bank of Kenya