Transforming banking to a lifestyle

Our services are tailored to suit your lifestyle. Whether it is banking services, insurance or investment services, we avail them to you under one roof both at home and in the diaspora.

Our History

On 31st December, 2014, Equity Building Society, as it had previously been known as, became Equity Group Holdings Limited, a non-operating holding company, after undergoing a process of restructuring, so as to further meet its objectives. In 1984, Equity Building Society -now the bank arm of the group- was founded, and has recorded various key milestones through the years. In... Read more

Our Philosophies

Our Purpose

Transforming lives, giving dignity and expanding opportunities for wealth creation.

Our Vision

To be the champion of the socio-economic prosperity of the people of Africa.

Mission Statement

We offer integrated financial services that socially and economically empower consumers, businesses, enterprises and communities.

Positioning Statement

Equity provides Inclusive Financial Services that transform livelihoods, give dignity and expand opportunities.


Your Listening, Caring Partner.


Growing Together in Trust.

Our Core Values

Our values are intrinsically weaved into our business, flowing through every aspect of our day to day and embracing it as our culture. They are reflections of what we believe in and as guiding principles provide a standard through which we measure ourselves.

Board of Directors

Group Executive Management

Our Awards & Recognitions

Our national, regional and global awards and recognitions are a testimony of the social economic impact that the brand continues to deliver to our people